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At Modern Pest Control, SAFETY is our NUMBER ONE priority. We provide a safe working environment for our employees and our customers. Occupational Safety Regulations are our minimal standard for safety.

All technicians are trained in safety best practices, use of Personal Protective Equipment, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, etc.

Technicians are also trained in the proper use of pesticide and how to use and place pesticides in a safe and effective manner. Our technicians are trained that if conditions render it not safe to conduct the work, the work must not be done until the hazard is mitigated and conditions are made safe.

Safety incidents and or hazards are reported to company management who address the matter expediently. If an accident does occur, it is investigated, and from the cause of the accident, corrective measures are implemented to prevent similar accidents from re-occurring. 

Safety incidents can be reported to Modern Pest Control by emailing us at: safety@modernpestcontrol.ca.


Modern Pest Control is committed to protecting our Environment. This is accomplished in the manner we conduct our business; 

  • Products and chemicals selected for use by are approved for use by Environment Canada and the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador. Products and pesticides chosen for use by our company are those that can be safely dispensed into our environment, with minimal, if any, environmental impact.
  • Modern Pest Control strictly abides by all Environmental Regulations and Legislation and follows all manufacturers’ instructions for use of products and pesticides.
  • Technicians will endeavor to work with our customer to eliminate the harborage and access points used by the unwanted pests; thereby reducing the amount of pesticide required to eliminate infestation.
  • Employees are trained and equipped to manage an accidental spill of a chemical, thereby mitigating risk associated with damage to environment by an accidental release of a pesticide.

Environmental incidents can be reported to Modern Pest Control by emailing us at: safety@modernpestcontrol.ca.

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